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Early Education & Expanded Learning

About Us

Welcome to the Westminster School District’s Early Education & Expanded Learning department. Throughout the pages of this website you will learn about our high quality early education programs, expanded learning programs, parent education, and a variety learning resources, including how to register for one of our exemplary instructional programs.

Early Education currently provides preschools serving children 2.9 to 5-years of age throughout  the Westminster School District, including Land School, serving children 4 months to 5-years of age. To meet a variety of family needs we offer part-day and full-day programs. We also offer  Spanish and Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Programs.

Westminster School District feel children learn best in a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed learning. Children are given the freedom to make their own choices, initiate and explore their own thoughts, as well as to express themselves creatively. Teachers provide developmentally-appropriate activities that support  pre-academic learning in reading, writing, and mathematics. We utilize indoor and outdoor learning spaces so that children have the chance to grow in coordination, balance and strength. Our primary goal is to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children so that they are able to navigate the world around them and prepare them  for school success and beyond.

If you have any questions about any of our programs,  feel free to reach out via our contact page, or by calling (714) 898-8389. 

Westminster School District  "Building tomorrow's leaders....TODAY"

Our Vision

We strive to address the individualized learning needs of children. Assist children in enhancing his/her sense of worth and well being. Help children learn good personal health, safety, and nutritional habits. Provide opportunities for children to develop and use basic skills needed for daily living and later responsibility. Give children opportunities to practice responsibility, self-control, and develop confidence and independence. Use children’s interests and strengths in planning learning activities and experiences, including the use of age-appropriate technological resources. Extend children’s awareness of his/her self, family, and community. Provide a seamless instructional and school transition from preschool to kindergarten. Prepare children for school success and beyond. Assist parents in recognizing and reinforcing behaviors which lead to the acquisition of greater social, physical, and cognitive skills. Assist parents in obtaining needed health and social services resource. Empower and educate parents on how to become an integral part in their child’s school and academic success. Hire highly qualified staff, that culturally reflect the families we serve.

Nicole Baitx-Kennedy, Executive Director, Early Education & Expanded Learning