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Executive's Message

On behalf of the staff, we would like to welcome you to Land School. Several preschool programs, along with the administrative offices of Early Education & Expanded Learning and Students Services are housed here.

Land School consists of the following programs for children up to five years of age:

  • Early Education serves students with disabilities up to three years of age.
  • General Education & Special Education Preschools
  • Speech Services
  • Adaptive P.E.

Land School also houses a variety of school readiness staff and resources to include:

  • Parent Resource Center
  • School Readiness Nurses
  • Early Learning Specialists

The staff at Land School is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of children, and we are looking forward to serving you and your family!


Darek Jaronczyk
Executive Director
Student Services                            

Nicole Baitx-Kennedy
Executive Director 
Early Education & Expanded Learning