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Student Celebrating Tết
Student Celebrating Tết
Student laughing and smiling
Student laughing and smiling

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By The Numbers

150 Years

Established in 1872

Westminster School District proudly celebrates 150 years of exceptional student learning, student enrichment, and innovation in the classroom.


Chromebook District

Westminster School District participates in a 1:1 Chromebook initiative at all 17 schools. This is a take-home program for grades 3-8, while students in TK-5 leave their Chromebooks in the classroom.


California Distinguished Schools

The total number of schools within the Westminster School District that have been recognized for their significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap.


California Association for Bilingual Education

Westminster School District has the distinct honor of having two schools, DeMille Elementary and Willmore Language Academy, that were awarded the coveted CABE award in the same year.


Dual Language Immersion - Vietnamese

DeMille Elementary is recognized as the first public school in the state to offer Vietnamese as a dual language program


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